Code of Conduct

The ZeroMQ community values respect and inclusiveness, and enforces a Code of Conduct in all interactions.

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ZeroMQ community host an annual FOSDEM side event (end of January/beginning of February) at Brussels, Belgium. Join the meetup group for exact location and dates.


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Mailing List

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This is a fairly high traffic list for general discussion, both for users and developers.

You must be subscribed to post to this list. As an anti-spam measure, postings from non-subscribers are discarded silently.

This mailing list is also available on Gmane.

If you wish to ask for help for your ØMQ programming issues on this list, then please:

  • Do not post code fragments greater than a few lines, but use a pastebin.
  • Do provide a fully working minimal test case for any bug or issue you wish to report.
  • Do note the operating system, ØMQ version, and other relevant aspects.

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This is a low traffic list for important announcements (new releases and so on).


ØMQ developers and users hang out on the #zeromq channel on the freenode IRC network.

Peter Alexander maintains a full log of the #zeromq IRC channel going back to March 2010.

To connect to the network, configure your IRC client to use the server.

If you don’t have an IRC client, we suggest you try X-Chat (Linux, Windows and others) or Colloquy (MacOS X).


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