Code of Conduct

The ZeroMQ community values respect and inclusiveness, and enforces a Code of Conduct in all interactions.

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ZeroMQ community host an annual FOSDEM side event (end of January/beginning of February) at Brussels, Belgium. Join the meetup group for exact location and dates.


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Mailing List

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This is a fairly high traffic list for general discussion, both for users and developers.

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This mailing list is also available on Gmane.

If you wish to ask for help for your ØMQ programming issues on this list, then please:

  • Do not post code fragments greater than a few lines, but use a pastebin.
  • Do provide a fully working minimal test case for any bug or issue you wish to report.
  • Do note the operating system, ØMQ version, and other relevant aspects.

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This is a low traffic list for important announcements (new releases and so on).


ØMQ developers and users hang out on the #zeromq channel on the IRC network.

To connect to the network, configure your IRC client to use the server.

If you don’t have an IRC client, we suggest you try X-Chat (Linux, Windows and others) or Colloquy (MacOS X).


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