ZeroMQ Pre-Fosdem Hackaton (Thu 1 + Fri 2 Feb 2018)

ZeroMQ Pre-Fosdem Hackaton (Thu 1 + Fri 2 Feb 2018)


Thu 1 and Fri 2 February 2018, from 9am to late in the night :-)


Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL)
Rue de manchester 21 / Manchesterstraat 21
1080 Molenbeek
GSM: +32 484 566109 (zoobab)

Number 21, big grey door (it's open), walk into the parking lot and in the opposite corner climb up 4 steps and you will see a big blue door, a cargo elevator. It's floor 4.

Drinks and food

HSBXL has a decent bar (beers, tea, soft drinks, etc…).

For the food, bring your own, and we will order suchis, pizzas, etc… when needed.

How to register?

Choose from the following options:

  • Create a wikidot account, apply for write access to this site (precaution because of recent hacker attacks) and add your name to the Attendees list
  • Write to the zeromq-dev mailing list (
  • Contact the admins via mail: ed.reppasnivek|liam#ed.reppasnivek|liam, moc.liamg|issaccob.acul#moc.liamg|issaccob.acul



Please do add your name to ensure a seat:

  1. NAME surname (github user optionally)
  2. LUCA Boccassi (bluca)
  3. CONSTANTIN Rack (c-rack)
  4. SIMON Giesecke (sigiesec)
  5. HENRION Benjamin (zoobab)
  6. JAMES Wheatley (JammyStuff)
  7. ARNAUD Loonstra (sphaero)
  8. KEVIN Sapper (sappo)
  9. JIM Klimov (jimklimov)
  10. JANA Rapava (jana-rapava)
  11. JIRI Kukacka (EldoreiJK)


There are some costs for the heating system (we might need to rent one), so participants will be invited to make a small donation to cover those.

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