PDX ØMQ Conf, Portland, OR, USA Feb 2012

ØMQ PDX Conference

A conference for anything and everything ØMQ!

Where: The Collective Agency

322 NW Sixth Ave, Portland, OR

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When: 10am Saturday Feb 25th, 2012 for the conf with the possibility of Sunday being a sprint day.


We need more! If you want to present, please contact Michel Pelletier with your talk proposal. We're still figuring out the format so prepare to be flexible. We may go for a full "unconf" approach, or possibly a mix of conf and unconf. Feel free to send along any info with your proposal about how much time you want, what topics you intend to cover, and whether you will have slides or not.

  1. Pieter Hintjens — Basics of ØMQ
  2. Pieter Hintjens — Reliability over ØMQ
  3. Michel Pelletier — Data parallelism with ØMQ
  4. Pieter Hintjens — Social Architecture 101 (yeah, Slideshare :)
  5. Thomas S Hatch — Secure Encrypted Transit Over 0MQ
  6. Thomas S Hatch — Salt (http://saltstack.org) 0MQ Sub/Pub for Remote Execution
  7. Thomas S Hatch — Salt States (http://saltstack.org) 0MQ System Management
  8. Jeff Lindsay — Interacting with ØMQ from the browser with NullMQ
  9. Javier Cardona — a Trillion Moving Pieces - ØMQ + wireless mesh (http://o11s.org)
  10. Brian Granger — ØMQ and the web (WebSockets, Tornado), RPC for ØMQ
  11. Min Ragan-Kelley — State of PyZMQ and Building a complex architecture with ØMQ
  12. Garrett Smith — Weaning off AMQP: A Case Study of ØMQ at CloudBees
  13. Garrett Smith — ØMQ and Erlang


We need more! Maximum capacity is 100 persons. Please put your name on the list and mark yourself as "possible" if you are not sure.

  1. Michel Pelletier
  2. Dan Colish
  3. Jason Kirtland
  4. Craig Dennis
  5. Eric O'Connell
  6. Josh Elasser
  7. Brian Wilson
  8. Pieter Hintjens
  9. Kyle Jones
  10. Chris Pitzer (possible)
  11. Troy Howard
  12. Matt Towers (possible)
  13. Whit Morriss
  14. Michael Schurter (possible)
  15. Gavin McQuillan
  16. Thomas S Hatch
  17. Steve Hawkins
  18. Elliot Saba
  19. Brian Granger
  20. Francisco Martin
  21. Henry Geddes
  22. Shrirang Moghe
  23. Matt West (possible)
  24. Russell Mayhew
  25. Tim Sabat
  26. Peter Welte
  27. Eric Drechsel
  28. Max Orhai
  29. Brian Dorsey (cancelled)
  30. Marko Dieckmann (possible)
  31. Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson
  32. Garret Woodworth
  33. Yaroslav Shirokov (possible)
  34. Sean Bryant (possible)
  35. Beier Cai (possible)
  36. Jeremy Pierre (possible)
  37. Jeff Lindsay NullMQ slides (yeah yeah, slideshare)
  38. Min Ragan-Kelley
  39. Bill Lubanovic
  40. Jay Han
  41. Edgar Vicent
  42. Ernest Lee (possible)
  43. Brett Carter
  44. John Eikenberry (possible)
  45. Garrett Smith
  46. Leif Warner
  47. Thomas Hamlin (possible)
  48. James Cooper
  49. Greg Maxwell
  50. Ken Keiter
  51. Amy Woodward
  52. Jeremy Voorhis
  53. Mike Garfias
  54. Richard Howard
  55. Casey Rosenthal
  56. Matthew Lyon
  57. Victor Christensen (possible)
  58. Alex Parkinson
  59. Tim Carey-Smith (possible)
  60. Nan Liu
  61. Mike Spindel
  62. Stephen Hemminger
  63. Matthew Ward
  64. Shawn Dowling (possible)
  65. Christopher Brown
  66. Alex Kira (possible)
  67. Daniel Hedlund
  68. Jayson Barley (possible)
  69. James Rucker
  70. Jake Olsen (possible)


Please contact Michel Pelletier if you wish to sponsor the conference. We are looking for refreshment funds, and funds to help offset costs for core developers and speakers to attend.

  • Pieter is bringing minimal plausible solutions to the "we need 0MQ t-shirts!" problem.

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